I Am Love                                                                                      

 I want to pour out my love upon you. Let the light energy of my love nurture you, heal you, and restore you. Open up to me to receive this gift of love from my heart to yours.  

I want to dig down into the depths of your soul and help you to remove that which brings you pain.  

I want to show you the beauty within yourself, to show you the wonder that you are.

 I want to be a light on your path to help you find your way to the higher road. This may sometimes involve shining light on parts of your self that you may not wish to see. The reason for this is so that you can become aware of that which is not really part of the true you. Your inner spiritually ascended Master—Christ within you. The realization of your original state as a Divine creation.  

Once you see that some thought or behavior is not the ‘real you’, you can more easily release it, and let it go, knowing that it no longer serves your highest purpose. This is a transformative transcendence to the next level of growing into the fullness of who you are, and who I am; who we are.

 I want to show you the joys of ecstasy in the intimate bond of unity; two as one in spirit.  

I want to take you higher to the pinnacle of the mountain to look out upon the life journey from a higher point of view. I want to show you that I am love, you are love, and we are the Love of God.


“In this moment, In this place, We are One”