Truth and Love or Fear and Ignorance?


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Truth and Love or Fear and Ignorance?

One of the things in my own life’s purpose has been in getting to the bottom of things regarding what is real and what is illusion. There indeed can seem to be a thin line that separates those two, much like a thin plate glass window. It’s there but it’s almost invisible. It requires a clear mind to even begin to see that thin, almost invisible window. In order to attain a clear mind,  it often times, requires many years of hard work and diligence, but it must first start with the one thing that so many may be afraid to do—and that is have a desire and willingness to know the truth.

Now that term truth has been so abused that it is almost an inconsequential term which almost doesn’t mean anything because it would seem that everyone has their own version of truth.  But as has often happened to many, many people, what they thought was the absolute truth on a matter, turns out to be false, either completely or to some extent. Why is this case? Why are we so easily misled, duped, deceived, etc? Why?  Well for one thing, too often what we are told is the ‘truth’ about a matter, is only a half-truth or a misrepresentation, or someone’s opinion, interpretation and so on, and yet that is not how truth is to be discovered, and thus we have that basic problem where what is “true” is defined by subjectivism more so than on objective, tested evidence and the witness of experiential reality.

The other issue that can get in the way of our truth and understanding ‘journey’ is that we often shy away from a painful truth or reality and, to some extent, it’s normal to do so. However, we cannot change what we don’t admit to, so we ignore full disclosure at our own peril. Ignoring problems never makes them go away. Rather they tend to fester and grow larger until we can’t ignore them. At that point, we must make choices. Our choices are reflective of what we believe and how we perceive what is real and what is illusion.   That will probably provoke an emotional response in your mind, no doubt. What that immediate reaction is should be noted, though, because it will tell you where you are at emotionally on this topic.  Keep something in mind as you read this: Decisions are usually made first on an emotional level, and then backed up with facts to prove what we already have believed. This is the exact opposite of the path of clear thinking, and is a type of confirmation bias. Instead, we must act as if we are all scientists and use the scientific method to study a topic. This will bring us to a clearer view of ‘reality’ so that we can operate within a framework that not only ‘works for us’ but works for us ALL, bring the lasting answers we seek.

First, we come to something with no preconceived ideas, no emotional needs that seek to be met through the information, nor any agenda to prove, nor any assumptions nor biases. I understand getting clear of all of those is a tall order by itself, yet this is what a Seeker of Truth must do.  Just allow the blank slate to be there for a time. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable for a time, of either not knowing the answer you seek, and have faith in your own intention to attract and draw this knowledge and understanding to you. It will find you!  You will start to flow towards the direction of the answer you seek and it will also flow towards you (providing you have no limiting beliefs stopping this flow).  After you attain all the information about the subject (in this case, looking at what shapes our mind’s beliefs and its manifestation of action), then and only then, do you even start to draw a conclusion. In this way you will avoid many of the pitfalls of sloppy research, which can tend to look scholarly but is often ‘full of holes’ and even upon logical fallacies and cognitive distortions.  As you see things as they really are, then you can begin to break free and find solutions that actually work. This is a powerful thing though and, when the roadblocks come along the way, just remember that as you develop into a self-actualized higher being, just as the Christ said, “the truth sets you free’, and it is truth in our inward parts on our hearts, minds, and spirits, that brings the essence of healing and love.  You can always tell  if what you use to ‘define your reality’ is for your best interests by looking at the ‘fruit’ or the outcome, and consequences they produce.  Your freedom of mind and spirit is a threat to those who wish to control you. So we really have nothing to fear in this endeavor, except of course, fear itself.

Love creates, Fear destroys”

Phoenix Raine

 ‘The Phoenix’

“as one which arises from the ashes of destruction, the Phoenix arises from the dust, and becoming fully conscious, awakens and ascends. The Phoenix is the ancient symbol of spiritual and physical resurrection.


How do you Define Reality? Or Is Someone else Defining it for You?


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How do you Define Reality? Or Is Someone else Defining it for You?


Discovering the truth for oneself is a journey. It should be a process which empowers you and enables you to be a complete person, a holistic being, capable of loving oneself in a healthy balance, and able to love others as oneself as well. What affects one affects us all, and we are more interconnected than we know (or maybe even care to admit at times).  How do you know if what you think you know or believe is real ? How do you evaluate new information? How do you make the choices you do?  What compels you to your final choice? When you understand how the mind works, and what it’s role is in cognition, and in cognitive distortion, then you will be able to be free of the things which hold you back in life. Those beliefs and ideas which were implanted into your subconscious mind which keep you stuck, unable to move forward in life.

Some of those choices you make, of course, being life-long commitments, or choices which have certain consequences, or those which affect your loved ones, your community and even, our world (our common home)? If the world is ever to be healed and restored, the ones who trod upon it must themselves be healed and restored, because until they are, they will not see the harmonic balance which is so necessary to support healthy life on the planet. What we experience in the outer, physical world is a reflection, of what our collective state of consciousness is.  What do we dwell in mostly as a race?

If I may digress for a moment here just as a side note, I see a lot of people  who have decided to use race as well as religious fundamentalism or politics and such, to judge people instead of trying to understand them. Where will that get us ultimately? Where has it gotten us in the past? Can we forgive the past and those who promoted those things which were used to bring us harm, or which caused us in the past to harm one another, and can we learn from the mistakes, evolving higher in our heart-centered spiritual essence to bring unity and yet allow diversity?  One love expressed in many diverse ways. Truth is our freedom; Love is our power 🙂

If we cannot learn to love and grow together as One Human Family and Race, then we will be tricked ever more into giving away our ability to be free and have the kind of peace we all desire, no matter your race or religion really.   So then whatever color your skin, you are part of the Human Race, by the way, so please go past the labels and as we go into the heart space of unity and the understanding of higher truth, we will see we are as children of the rainbow, which come in many shades and tones which make up the spectrum of the rainbow of humanity.) The importance is to know not the color of someone’s skin, for that is merely the covering, but rather, more importantly, ask yourselves, what is the color of love?

It is important to remember how closely tied in religious ideologies, which are imprinted subconsciously in our minds, and which then alter what the person perceives consciously, are  indeed seen as a personal attack often times if questioned. This personal identification issue  is the core of what so many adherents to the organized religions believe, not to mention  the confirmation bias that keeps it in place. Freedom from dogma of religions’ is the start of the emergence of the true self and the development of our conscience which shows us how to love each other, and our consciousness which shows the higher understanding of why we should, and why that itself is a higher reality than religion

Soon the Ascending Path will be ‘official’ lol and we look will look at this and many other related things as we all learn to grow and love toward our collective higher vision to make the world a better place by starting within our own selves–our minds and our hearts.

–Phoenix Raine  (“the Mind Doctor”) 🙂

The Sick Biblical Literalism That Puts Children at Risk of Abuse and Even Death


Obey written on handIn 2008, Hana Williams was adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopia and brought to the United States where she died at the hands of her Bible-believing American parents. Their notion of Christian discipline required breaking her will, a remarkably common belief among conservative Evangelicals. To that end, they frequently beat her, shut her in a closet, and denied her meals. Ultimately, she was left outside where she died of hypothermia exacerbated by malnutrition. They were convicted of manslaughter this month.

Whoever spares the rod quoteIn carrying out their obsession with child obedience, Hana’s adoptive parents drew tips from Tennessee preacher Michael Pearl, whose spare-the-rod-spoil-the-child book, To Train Up a Child, has been found now in three homes of Christian parents who killed their adopted children. The title comes from a stanza in the book of Proverbs: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old…

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I Am Love

I Am Love                                                                                      

 I want to pour out my love upon you. Let the light energy of my love nurture you, heal you, and restore you. Open up to me to receive this gift of love from my heart to yours.  

I want to dig down into the depths of your soul and help you to remove that which brings you pain.  

I want to show you the beauty within yourself, to show you the wonder that you are.

 I want to be a light on your path to help you find your way to the higher road. This may sometimes involve shining light on parts of your self that you may not wish to see. The reason for this is so that you can become aware of that which is not really part of the true you. Your inner spiritually ascended Master—Christ within you. The realization of your original state as a Divine creation.  

Once you see that some thought or behavior is not the ‘real you’, you can more easily release it, and let it go, knowing that it no longer serves your highest purpose. This is a transformative transcendence to the next level of growing into the fullness of who you are, and who I am; who we are.

 I want to show you the joys of ecstasy in the intimate bond of unity; two as one in spirit.  

I want to take you higher to the pinnacle of the mountain to look out upon the life journey from a higher point of view. I want to show you that I am love, you are love, and we are the Love of God.


“In this moment, In this place, We are One”